An intervention is designed to help a loved one recognize and change self-destructive thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

The intent is to confront the person in a non-threatening way. It's an approach that focuses on helping the individual see the personal impact of their alcohol or other drug use as well as the impact on others.

Interventions can also help an addict’s family members and friends regain control of their lives. It is not only the addict who is suffering.

The recovery process is different for everyone person. As an ARISE® Interventionist, Mary Ann will work with your family to find the best solution to fit your unique situation.


Continuum of Care 

Getting an addicted loved one to enter a treatment plan is often not enough to end the cyclical nature of the chronic disease. Addiction Solutions 605 offers long-term care to aid in recovery. Continued family and professional involvement through treatment and into early recovery is essential to a successful recovery.

Continuum Care supports families before, during and after the intervention process. A long-term plan will be set up to give the addict the best chance of recovering.

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Public Speaking

Mary Ann, and her daughter Alexa, are more than happy to share their story with your organization or group, no matter how large or small. The mother and daughter duo have traveled the region speaking to a wide range of audiences from college and high school students to church groups and social clubs.


The topics discussed can vary depending on the needs and interests of your group, with their memoir Phoenix and experience battling addiction as the centerpiece. Whether you would like to hear about how one family rose stronger from the evils of alcoholism or you are more interested in the community's resources for battling addiction, Alexa and Mary can offer insight into this troubling epidemic through their personal journeys.