Addiction Solution 605 is an organization to guide families, friends and business associates through the intervention process. The goal is to urge the addicted or impaired person and family to accept help and get on a path to recovery.


Mary Ann Giebink was a successful lawyer who lost her law firm and her reputation when she succumbed to alcoholism and depression, ultimately landing her in prison. She recently celebrated seven years of sobriety.


Giebink has now dedicated her life to helping others find sobriety and happiness. Her unique skills and experiences allow her to successfully assist others on a path toward living a better life, whether you are the addicted or the loved one of an addict.

Read about Mary Ann’s story in her memoir “Phoenix: Rising From Addiction,” written by her daughter Alexa Giebink. The book is available at


Addiction Solutions 605 services include interventions, continuums of care and public speaking.